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We are two CUNY librarians who like to talk. We’re finding people from all around the university who also like to talk – about their work, their play or the connection therein. We talk to them indoors, but you can listen to them wherever you are on your favorite device, eating your favorite snack. We encourage using headphones or earbuds, though a boom box might be appropriate in some situations. You be the judge.

Steven Ovadia has been at LaGuardia Community College since 2004. Prior to podcasting, he victimized the airwaves trying to think of “hot takes” for sports talk radio and DJing at WHRW, Binghamton. He now spends most of his free time thinking about/obsessing over free and open source software. His publications can be found here.

Kathleen Collins has been a reference librarian at John Jay College of Criminal Justice since 2007 and an avid podcast consumer since 2010. She especially enjoys unscripted, casually produced podcasts that feature people talking about big ideas in accessible language, though she does have a weakness for a judicious smattering of fancy vocabulary words. You can find out more about her specific interests by perusing some of her publications.

Et al. Many thanks to the Office for the Advancement of Research at John Jay College for funding to help improve this venture in numerous ways and to Anoah Levine formerly of John Jay and Jetmir Troshani (as well as the IT department as a whole) at LaGuardia Community College for their technical expertise and soulful encouragement.

Music credits: All Steve!