Episode 4: Wraparound, Episodes 1-3.

In this installment, Steve and Kathleen chat with each other about what they’re reading and who they’re wearing. They also reflect on the three interviews they’ve done so far, finding a set of serendipitous commonalities that also correspond to the idea behind Indoor Voices. They did so at the LaGuardia Community College recording studio where they foresee having future wraparounds, so we all have something to look forward to.

Be sure to enjoy the soothing buzzing of Steve’s phone vibrating during the interview, perhaps pushing out the jackhammers in Barbara Katz Rothman’s interview as the most distracting sound in an episode…

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One thought on “Episode 4: Wraparound, Episodes 1-3.

  1. This may be a duplicate post–please delete if so.
    Please consider interviewing Sujatha Fernandes, a former CUNY faculty member, whose book, “Curated Stories: the uses and misuses of storytelling” was published in 2017 by Oxford University Press. Ms. Fernandes’ life is itself a nomad’s tale involving different continents, mistaken identity and the consequences that flowed therefrom, and multiple languages. Assuming that your budget doesn’t allow for a trip to do a face-to-face interview perhaps skype? Ms. Fernandes’ book doesn’t seem to be available in the library system (hint! hint!). Thanks.


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