Episode 13: Dana Weinberg and digital publishing

I first met Dana Weinberg when I was a graduate student in the Queens College Applied Social Research program. She was, as you’ll soon hear for yourself, an incredible teacher. Her work at the time was around the sociology of nursing and we read Code Green: Money-Driven Hospitals and the Dismantling of Nursing, an amazing book which I often give to nursing students. It’s beautiful, both in terms of its prose and its ideas.

I was very interested to learn Dana is now working on the sociology of digital publishing. Her article, “Comparing gender discrimination and inequality in indie and traditional publishing” (with her collaborator, Adam Kapelner), examines the impact of gendered names on publishing, finding that books written by male-sounding names sell for higher prices than female — across independent and traditional publishing (sorry Kathleen!).

Dana also studies digital publishing from the inside as novelist DB Shuster. Her latest book, To Catch a Traitor is a is a Cold War spy novel. I was moved by Dana’s thoughts on DB Shuster helping her to find herself.

Also, in the spirit of correcting/clarifying, Dana correctly remembered that Art Worlds is by Howard Becker.

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