Episode 32: Ready to teach this Fall? Let Jill Grose-Fifer inspire you.

Dr. Jill Grose-Fifer is an associate professor in the psychology department at John Jay College. She thinks deeply about her teaching and works hard to keep it interesting, effective and relevant. She is thus far the only two time winner of John Jay’s Distinguished Teaching Prize. Earlier this year, she co-authored a book with Patricia J. Brooks and Maureen O’Connor called Teaching Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach. It’s a practical and scholarly guide for teachers whether they’re new to the job or looking to shake things up. But don’t be fooled by the title. This is a useful guide for teaching any subject. And there’s a companion web site with lots of lesson plans and learning activities that you might even consider putting into action this semester (I see you still working on your syllabus). I’ve had the good fortune to work with Jill on presentations for faculty where we preach the gospel of information literacy, but I was grateful for the opportunity to sit down with her and talk about the book, her students and her career (she was a registered optometrist in the UK before moving fully into academia) in a relatively quiet moment in between semesters.

A transcript of the interview is available here.

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