Episode 34: Dissecting the digital humanities with Matthew Gold

If you’re a regular listener (we hope so!), you may remember that in 2018 we had a DH double header. Because we can’t get enough of the stuff, we’re back with more, this time featuring CUNY Graduate Center’s Matthew Gold in conversation with our friend and CUNY SUM editor, Beth Harpaz. Matthew is associate professor of English and director of the Masters program in digital humanities at the Graduate Center and he’s co-editor, along with Lauren Klein, of Debates in the Digital Humanities (U of Minnesota Press, 2019). I won’t keep you, but I’ll just say, as a grammar geek, how much I enjoyed Beth’s final question for Matt. A seemingly simple question has an appropriately rich and complex answer. Enjoy their illuminating conversation!

Bonus content:

A Q&A that Beth conducted with Matt earlier this month.

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