Episode 39: Podcasts – pedagogy & prose

podcast-microphone-14591791709IOGallons of ink have been spilled, or probably more accurately, trillions of bytes have been generated, on the subject of podcasting, so I won’t waste any time telling you how amazingly popular and robust an audio format it is. The introduction to a recent blog post from John Jay College’s Office for the Advancement of Research provides a tidy contextual summary, and if you keep reading the post, you’ll learn about – ahem – a couple of really cool podcasts produced at John Jay. And there are many many more. The CUNY Office of Communications revamped CUNY’s podcast portal in 2019 in order to bring more attention to the many podcasts coming out of the various colleges and departments all around the university.

In this episode, I talked with three of my colleagues about how they use podcasting in their work as faculty members. We hear from Christen Madrazo and Alan Winson, both faculty members in the English department at John Jay, and from Nora Almeida, a library faculty member at New York City College of Technology.

Some of the projects you’ll hear about in the episode:

  • Life Out Loud, a literary nonfiction podcast series at John Jay, directed by Christen Madrazo
  • Upper West Side Radio and Bar Crawl Radio, projects created and produced by Alan Winson
  • Almeida, Nora. “Podcasting as Pedagogy.” Critical Library Pedagogy Handbook, Vol. 2. Nicole Pagowsky and Kelly McElroy (Eds.). ACRL Press, 2016.
  • Some of the podcasts created by students in Nora’s place-based interdisciplinary course.

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