Episode 47: Char Adams on amplifying COVID stories

You’ve seen Char Adams’ work already if you are a reader of CUNY SUM, because she is the site’s digital editor. She is also a race and identity journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The New Republic, Teen Vogue, People, and more. And as of quite recently she is also the co-creator and host of a new podcast, COVID University New York which releases its third episode on Sept. 16. I recommend listening to this conversation with Char, then following it up with one or more COVID University New York episodes – they are all informative, engaging and moving.

Check out some of Char’s work:

Where Do Black Journalists Go From Here? 

The Political Resilience of the Black-Owned Bookstore

It’s OK to Feel OK Right Now 

These Women Survived Abuse and Assault. Now They’re Behind Bars. Should They Be?  

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