Episode 54: Kathleen Collins on coming of age with TV

I was honored to talk about my new book, From Rabbit Ears to the Rabbit Hole, with our wonderful guest host extraordinaire, Beth Harpaz. She happens to be the Platonic Ideal of my target reader, and to illustrate this, she speaks in Ubbi Dubbi and sings a snippet of the Oscar Mayer Wiener jingle and the theme song to Hodge Podge Lodge. But as you’ll hear Beth attest, there’s something in Rabbit Ears for people of all stripes. (As editor of CUNY SUM, Beth also wrote this summary. What a great image she found!)

It may come across as easy breezy, but I wrestled with being a “guest” on my own podcast. I wish that weren’t the case. For anyone who has ever produced a creative work only to watch it disappear into a black hole shortly after its unveiling, you know that unless you are already famous, dogged self-promotion is an absolute necessity. I was emboldened by Amanda Hirsch’s piece about this.  She recently reminded her Twitter followers that for women, “self-promotion is actually a social justice issue.” So for anyone out there making something, especially if you’re a woman, it’s your civic duty to put yourself out there, for yourself and for all of us.

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