Episode 57: Jojo Karlin on drawing ideas

Some of Jojo’s doodles

Even if you don’t know Jojo Karlin personally, there’s a chance you’ve seen her on your Zoom screen in the past year – she attends a lot of meetings. Or you may have seen her doodles on Instagram or Twitter, which is how I encountered her. In an interview with NYU Libraries last Fall, she explains how her doodling helps her to process academic concepts. In this episode, she expands on the why and the how of her note taking process and about the effect her drawings have had on others. She talks about how and why she came to draw her dissertation on Virginia Woolf, about the experience of taking visual notes both in person and via Zoom, about digital humanities, open access, Manifold (she is a champion and shepherd of the digital platform), and the call to be curious at heart of the Graduate Center.

You can see the many charming drawings that Jojo has created on her web site. She also illustrated the portraits on the cover of Nancy K. Miller’s My Brilliant Friends. (Nancy was in conversation with Jason Tougaw on Episode 25.)

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