Episode 62: Jeremy Caplan on entrepreneurial media makers

Jeremy Caplan is the Director of Teaching and Learning at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. For the last fifteen months, he’s been busy helping faculty and students navigate the numerous challenges brought on by the pandemic. He also directs the new online intensive Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators 100-day certificate program which welcomed its first cohort in Fall 2020, coinciding with the continuation of COVID-19. The program, with its emphasis on independent, niche entrepreneurs, has so far attracted experienced students with specific interests who have projects in mind that they want to turn into a reality. As Jeremy explains, the timing of the program’s launch strangely benefited from a global online learning mindset. Another bonus: the virtual format allows for a diverse, international group.

Jeremy is in conversation in this episode with Michael Rain, an alumnus of the CUNY J-school program and a former fellow of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. Among many concurrent projects, Michael is the founder of ENODI, a media and research company (and accompanying podcast) which highlights the lives, cultural innovations, and entrepreneurial work of first-generation and immigrant people. Listen to our 2019 conversation to learn more.

Jeremy and Michael also discuss the larger picture, including how change in the tech and business sectors have led to a revolution in journalism, giving agency to independent creators. And Michael makes sure to highlight Jeremy’s WonderTools newlestter, a curated collection of useful and time-saving apps and tools for digital creators. These two are ideal representatives of the CUNY journalism program which champions innovation in every aspect of media content creation.

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