Episode 76: Kate Brandt on adult literacy

Kate Brandt is Professional Development Coordinator in CUNY’s Adult Literacy/ HSE/ESL Programs. You may have a vague sense that CUNY offers such initiatives, so here’s your chance to learn along with me about their robust nature and fundamental value. I talk with Kate about her path to and long tenure at CUNY and how the field of adult literacy has and hasn’t changed in recent decades.

At literacy.cuny.edu, don’t miss “Students Speak, My Pandemic Year” and “Feature the Teacher.” Kate also gives a shout out to CollectedNY.org, a free resource for adult education teachers.

We also talk about Kate’s forthcoming novel, Hope for the Worst, to be published by Vine Leaves Press in the Spring of 2023. Learn more about Kate and her writing at katebrandt.net.

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