Episode 78: David Puglia on monsters

David Puglia, Associate Professor in the Department of English Language & Literature at Bronx Community College, is the editor of North American Monsters: A Contemporary Legend Casebook, published by the University Press of Colorado in Spring of 2022. In this seasonally-themed episode, he talks with Mira Johnson, adjunct professor in the BCC English Dept. and the New York Folklore & Education Network Coordinator at Local Learning. They discuss topics such as the complex and nuanced meanings of terms like legendary, monster, and cryptid, as well as regionality, plausibility, media iterations, and David’s long-lasting relationship to Goatman. Speaking of Maryland fixtures, David was our guest on Indoor Voices in 2019 when he talked with me about his book Tradition, Urban Identity, and the Baltimore Hon: The Folk in the City (Lexington Books 2018). Listening to this episode, you’re guaranteed to learn something about monsters (and the people who follow and study them) and maybe get some ideas for your Halloween costume.

North American Monsters received the 2022 Brian McConnell Book Award which recognizes excellence in contemporary legend research.

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