Episode 84: John Jay College’s goals for quantitative literacy

Quantitative literacy and reasoning skills are not important only to some disciplines. They’re critical to all subjects, and they play a part in all of our lives. The Academic Affairs office at John Jay College recently announced plans to re-envision quantitative reasoning and literacy (QR & QL) in the curriculum with a goal of ensuring that every student who graduates has the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Under the leadership of Interim Dean of Academic Programs and Professor of Political Science Andrew Sidman, faculty and administrators will collaborate to put this plan into action over the next couple of years. Listening to this episode has the potential to alter your self-perception as someone who’s “bad with numbers.” You’re probably better than you think because you’re surrounded by numbers and data every single day.

A few related QL/QR resources of interest:

  • Numlock News, Substack of Walter Hickey, a data journalist who is obsessed with culture, society and fascinating numbers buried in the news
  • Michigan State U’s QL guide
  • QL & the Humanities (from the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture)

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