Episode 43: Stationery in the Time of…You Know…

Steve and Kathleen, your curators, haven’t recorded together since Episode 16 in Summer 2018, the one about academic libraries and bathrooms. Before that, they convened for Episode 11, the one where they prattled on about things like the MTA, DNA and cereal for far longer than anyone could have imagined. Episode 4 was the first time they recorded together. Back then, when Indoor Voices was still a toddler, they had grand plans of producing a joint “wraparound” session every few episodes. But we can see how that turned out. It took a global pandemic to get them together again, albeit remotely. Hopefully you, too, are finding a few much-needed bright spots in the form of socially distant reconnections with old friends right now. We hope you enjoy this episode and that you are healthy, comfortable and finding peace of mind in whatever odd places you can.

If you can relate to any of the things we talked about in this episode, we will be surprised and thrilled. Let us know!

A few teasers:

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