Episode 67: Hannah Kavanagh, uncensored and uncut

Hannah Kavanagh, a Hunter@Macaulay undergrad, is a self-proclaimed nerd – about music, film, fashion, and conversation. She loves talking about anything, she says, and she does so with honesty and enthusiasm. She is curious, thoughtful, and a good listener. These traits make her an ideal person to have a podcast – a topic we never tire of here at Indoor Voices. She had already been producing and hosting Tea for Three from her dorm room when a communications officer at CUNY asked her to help amplify the university’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign (#VaxUpCUNY). That subsequently led to an invitation to produce and host CUNY’s first student-run podcast, CUNY Uncut. The podcast focuses on issues of concern to students – what students really want to address – and has the tagline “uncensored, unedited and uncut.” The first episode features City Tech undergrad and University Student Senate Chairperson Juvanie Piquant who talks with Hannah about an urgent and evergreen subject at the heart of students’ lives: mental health.

We talked briefly about Hannah’s journey to CUNY Uncut, and Baruch’s The Ticker and Brooklyn College’s Vanguard also chronicled how the podcast came to be.

Hannah is interested in a lot, which made it a challenge to choose a major. We agreed that her switching majors a few times during a relatively short college career is a positive symptom of her myriad passions and illustrates the value of listening to one’s inner voice. She’s now a senior and has settled happily and fittingly on a major in film studies. True to her word about being interested in other people and their stories, she turned the interview questions on me a couple of times. I was happy to comply, since I also love to talk about anything.

Mentioned in this episode:

Here’s the On the Media episode about the Dewey Decimal system and a piece of related hot-off-the-press news.

Hannah strongly endorses Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love, as well as the work of Charlie Kaufman and Michaela Coel

There is a slew of helpful literature about women, assertiveness, and the power of “No,” which relates to some of what Hannah and I talked about. Here’s a recent example from The Atlantic.

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