Episode 68: Daniel Vater’s culinary journey

Daniel Vater

Back in the early days on this podcast, in 2017, I interviewed Claire Stewart, Associate Professor at New York City College of Technology’s Hospitality Management Program, and we talked about her book, As Long as We Both Shall Eat: A History of Wedding Food and Feasts (Episode 6). For this latest episode, Claire returns to interview CUNY alumnus, Daniel Vater, who was a student in her Culinary Improvisation class. By the time Daniel was a student in Claire’s class, he’d had a decade and half of experience in the restaurant world as well as his own catering business, but Daniel took advantage of the unique flexibility of the CUNY BA program to fill in some gaps in his knowledge of the business aspects of his culinary career. He currently works as a private chef and is near completion of a Masters of Management in Hospitality at Cornell University. He talks with Claire about what he gained from his time at CUNY and about his multi-faceted, successful career. You’ll also get a glimpse into the private lives of private chefs and some picks and pans in the world of culinary trends!

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Daniel and Claire

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P.S.: In May 2018, I was one of the judges in a just-for-fun, end-of-semester culinary contest in Chef Claire’s class at City Tech. Daniel, Claire and I are next to one another in the second row.