Episode 80: The power of sharing stories

Published by DIO Press, 2022

Children of the People: Writings by and about CUNY students on race and social justice is a collection of essays, play excerpts and poems from students and faculty – in many cases students who became faculty – recounting their journeys, including their glories and defeats and the plaudits and critiques of the university system that has played a central role in their lives. Edited by Rose Kim, Grace Cho and Robin McGinty, the book grew from a project at the Center for the Humanities at the Graduate Center. This episode is a conversation with Rose Kim, Faculty in Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice at BMCC, along with two contributors to the volume, Wanett Clyde, library faculty at New York City Tech and Cynthia Tobar, library faculty at Bronx Community College. The book chapters are revelatory, candid, and moving, and Children of the People has the potential to change the attitudes and behaviors of readers. We all agree it should be required reading for anyone, in any role, in higher education.

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P.S. Cynthia Tobar interviewed participants in LaGuardia Community College’s COVID documenting project in May 2021 and the co-directors of Social Practice CUNY in February 2022. She was also one of the BRESI award grantees who shared their projects in October 2022. Cynthia’s project is “Black Lives Matter in Higher Education: Empowering Student-Scholar Voices.”

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