Episode 81: Edward Paulino on sharing words and bearing witness

Edward Paulino has been a faculty member in the Department of History at John Jay College for more than 20 years. His most recent book, Refranes de mi Abuelita: Sayings of my Grandmother, is “a bi-lingual kaleidoscope of changing colors … that encapsulates archives of knowledge and discernment from the campos of the Dominican Republic to the barrios of New York City.”

In this episode, Edward talks with Richard Relkin, John Jay College’s Director of Media Relations about the book as well as Edward’s one-man performance “Eddie’s Perejil” which wrestles with Dominican identity and the 1937 Haitian Massacre, often referred to as the Parsley Massacre. Their conversation, addresses some heavy topics, and Edward’s work and creativity shows how light can come from dark places.

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